Welcome to Ronin 2 Operator, the future of camera stabilisation and the next generation of 3 axis gimbal technology.

 DJI Ronin 2 is surpassed anything else. With bigger payload capability, bomb proof construction, speedy set-up times and steadicam integration, we hope to be the obvious choice for your next project.

The Ronin 2 gimbal offers new solutions and ideas that were previously impossible on gimbals, unlearn what you know and think big. The new 2 axis mode allows instant input into the pan giving full and immediate control in this axis. Pair that with steadicam and you can obtain similar shots to Arri Trinity creating 5 axis stability.

Bigger camera packages are now a reality including easily shooting on longer lenses. Pair that with precisely controlling pan and tilt with the Master Wheels as a single or dual operator for a more tactile feel. We offer dry and wet hire of the Ronin 2 gimbal so do get in touch for rates and more information.

The Ronin 2 also works seamlessly rigged to cranes, works on dollies and is also at home for vehicle work using dampening arms and vibration isolators.

We can easily talk through your shots and requirements to find out what best suits your needs, with over 20 years in the industry and being members of the Association of Camera Operators and the Guild of British Camera Technicians,  we have the expertise and equipment to back it up. Make sure we are your first port of call and get excited about the endless possibilities in a new realm of camera stabilisation and shot design here with Ronin 2 Operator, 3 axis gimbal specialists.

Call 07775893722 for more info/bookings/rates and kit hire