Addition to the Arsenal

So I should have talked about this a while ago but it's been busy and I've not managed to get any news out however Ronin Operator now has a Sony A7s and an accompanying set of full frame Samyang VDSLR primes. 

This camera works beautifully on the Ronin as its so light but packs a punch in the image department and the Slog XAVCs video format is fantastic. It's been a workhorse of late and I've only had it 6 weeks however not long after we acquired it Sony announced a new camera to the Alpha range, the A7r 2 which has reports of no rolling shutter at all and 4k onboard recording........mouth watering. It's sure to blow anything else out of the water upon its release in August, well at least within its price range.

Rich Cornelius

A Film and Tv camera operator specialising in camera stabilisation using gimbals and steadicam along with remote head for vehicle and crane work