Shakka - When Will I See You Again

So this Little video for Shakka was Ronin Operators' first real test in the field and it was an exhausting task.

This promo was a 'one take' shot and we travelled down to Saltdean in East Sussex for the back drop.

With a run time of more than three and a half minutes, multiple costume changes, countless cue's and a couple of hand offs, it was an ambitious affair but we managed to get there in the end after about 7 takes.

My arms were almost scrapping the floor after a full day of shooting, I shudder to think what it would have been like had we not shot on a C300 as we were initially thinking of shooting Red Epic but due to budget constraints we went with the Canon.

While this shoot was use as a test and to iron out all the Ronin's teething issues, its a worthy first attempt and with many more promos and commercials already in the bag, life for the Ronin can only get better..............

Rich Cornelius

A Film and Tv camera operator specialising in camera stabilisation using gimbals and steadicam along with remote head for vehicle and crane work