Addition to the Arsenal

So I should have talked about this a while ago but it's been busy and I've not managed to get any news out however Ronin Operator now has a Sony A7s and an accompanying set of full frame Samyang VDSLR primes. 

This camera works beautifully on the Ronin as its so light but packs a punch in the image department and the Slog XAVCs video format is fantastic. It's been a workhorse of late and I've only had it 6 weeks however not long after we acquired it Sony announced a new camera to the Alpha range, the A7r 2 which has reports of no rolling shutter at all and 4k onboard recording........mouth watering. It's sure to blow anything else out of the water upon its release in August, well at least within its price range.

A tiny little Faithless promo

So here is a little promo we shot for Faithless on the itsy bitsy Sony A7s.

It was almost too light weight for the Ronin but at least it was easy hold.

We used it in conjunction with the Atmos Shogun so we had lovely 4k resolution to play with in the edit. 

More details on this shoot over at Director of Photography Richard Cornelius's website so venture over there if you fancy some more information but if not, here it is below.....


Ronin Arm Extensions


So they finally arrived, the custom DJI Ronin arm extensions.

This means any camera, anytime anywhere but within the payload limit.

The extra aft movement enables more camera and lens combinations along with any light weight matte box and desired filtration. 

Red Epic is now even more able without the need for niche custom batteries or strapping the battery on the crossbar.

This opens up all new possibilities for DJI Ronin so get in touch to see what we can do for you on your next project.


Shakka - When Will I See You Again

So this Little video for Shakka was Ronin Operators' first real test in the field and it was an exhausting task.

This promo was a 'one take' shot and we travelled down to Saltdean in East Sussex for the back drop.

With a run time of more than three and a half minutes, multiple costume changes, countless cue's and a couple of hand offs, it was an ambitious affair but we managed to get there in the end after about 7 takes.

My arms were almost scrapping the floor after a full day of shooting, I shudder to think what it would have been like had we not shot on a C300 as we were initially thinking of shooting Red Epic but due to budget constraints we went with the Canon.

While this shoot was use as a test and to iron out all the Ronin's teething issues, its a worthy first attempt and with many more promos and commercials already in the bag, life for the Ronin can only get better..............